Garage Packages  

We at Edmonton Custom Decks - A Division of Wallfit Carpentry Inc. are very please to launch our new service of providing you the customer, a quality built garage.  From planning to permit to lockup stage, we can construct your garage with great quality and total compliance with the City of Edmonton Planning and Development Department.

The warm weather is gone for 2018. How happy would your wife, husband, significant other be knowing there would be no more scraping off the car every morning and shovelling off that garage pad that is missing a beautiful, functional garage.  There is still time to have your garage built in a timely manner. 

We have a hassle free garage building process from plan to permit to completion! We take care of everything from...
- Permits
- Garage pad and driveway
- Framing
- Roofing
- Color match siding, soffit, fascia and continuous eavestrough
- Windows
- Man door
- Overhead door with operator
- Electrical package
- Insulation, drywall and painting
- Gasline and heater

Everything to get you ready for the cold and snowy Alberta winters. No more scraping or sweeping off your vehicle those cold -30 mornings! Call now to ensure we get your garage done before the dreaded snow and cold weather comes back! Fully insured, WCB, A+ rating with BBB, Accept Visa, MC, Cheque and Cash

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Permit Services  

Even if you decide you want to build your own deck or garage but are not sure how to obtain the proper permits or how to fill out the forms, we can help. 

Missing key pieces of information on a permit application can cause multiple trips to the Planning and Development Department downtown...Not fun!

How about "I don't need a permit.  I will get it later if we ever move!"  NOT a good idea.  Constructing a deck or garage without a permit opens a wealth of opportunity for problems. 

Right off the bat, if you wait until you go to sell the house, you face substantial penalties for not applying for a building permit.  You could construct is too large, build on an easement, insufficient structure, not have proper foundation...all subject to penalties and depending on final decision, you may be demolishing and reconstructing.  If this is the case when you go to sell the property, it will 100% STOP the sale of the property.  Even if it was built to code. 

I know it feels like you may be saving a buck now but the penalty far exceeds what you think you are saving. 

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